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LA500 Series Air Purifier

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King of Air Purifiers - LA600

LA600 Air Purifier

LA600 is an air cleaner robot loaded with patented 3G-filter technology. It's capable for filtering even nano-sized particles, absorbing gaseous contaminants and eliminating collected bacteria, viruses and microbes.

Beautiful and Smart - LA502

LA502 Air Purifier

Combination of innovative smart monitor & command center and stylish air purifier fit perfectly in larger areas such as living rooms etc. . Long lasting and economical protection is guaranteed by massive HEPA-filters and stunning 3,5 kg of impregnated activated carbon

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Optimal for room size up to Air purification
for the whole area
45 m³/h 54 18 mins

Compact but Powerful - LA352

LA352 Air Purifier

A perfect solution for bedrooms, the LA352 is equipped with a smart monitoring control unit. Superior efficiency for small particles with HEPA-filter and massive 1 kg of activated carbon filter for absorbing haze, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds efficiently.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Optimal for room size up to Air purification
for the whole area
330 m³/h 39 20 mins

Revolutionary Fresh Air Cleaner - LAF500

LAF500 Fresh Air Purifier

LAF500 keeps the CO2 level below 1000 ppm by mixing fresh outdoor air with indoor air automatically and filters out all particles and gaseous substances before the air enters to the room. It is equipped with heater element to regulate air temperature and also works as an effective room air cleaner. No more dizzy mornings!

Necessity On The Road - LIFA Cabin Filter

Car cabin filter for pollutant removal

LIFAair cabin filters combines latest particle filter and activated carbon technology, it can effectively remove soot, haze and fumes. The performance far exceeds the original cabin filters.

Removal of PM2.5 Removal of PM10
99 % 100 %